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Yet despite his history on the Eagles’ coaching staff as mid-90s, as well as the way his Tampa Bay Buccaneers broke the Eagles’ hearts associated with 2003 NFC title game, Gruden hasn’t come as a serious official candidate. In fact, there haven’t been any new rumors about his for you to even come back to the NFL in weeks. If he’d in order to stay in ESPN’s Monday Night Football booth, might block Philadelphia then right now there.

This is really a late night comedy chat show hosted by Chelsea Handler, whose sarcasm using drive the show’s attractiveness. The comedienne along with her fellow guest commentators sit around a table and regarding celebrity goings and comings. Chelsea also interviews celebrity guests presently there are occasionally musical performances on the show.

Next, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Phil Sheridan wrote on Jan. 13 that the Eagles should hire Gruden, although he already argued the same thing 10 days earlier. But since Philadelphia hasn’t reached in order to Gruden since then, Sheridan repeated his assertion that “he will win” but is better qualified than the Eagles’ other candidates.

While there’ve been countless other websites that have mention the Atlanta being a possible suitor in passing, such like the aforementioned Jason Cole article, the timeline is actually that short and lacks any real substance.

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